Classic Mini TITANIUM rear drum brake adjusters. Part: 17H7619


Classic Mini TITANIUM rear brake adjusters
Part number:17H7619

Buy one or a pair of these rear brake adjusters.

These are back by popular demand. Sorry for the delay.
They’ll never corrode or get stuck like the original part will.

A few years ago I fitted a brand new steel part. Greased it and one year later when I had to adjust the rear brake. It was stuck solid!  I had to remove the whole radius arm and use a Maff torch and ice to get the steel part off!

The square part is 1mm longer because I found when adjusting the original version the square for the spanner wasn’t really long enough.

This is the answer as well as being half the weight

These titanium bolts will never rust or corrode. Grade 5 (6Al/4V) titanium is used in all bolts and the threads are rolled.

Use Imperial spanners or sockets.  Don’t use Metric sockets or you may damage the bolt head and may get the wrong torque setting.

Thread is 5/8″ UNF24

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Mini drum brake adjusters

1 adjuster, 2 adjusters


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