Honda TITANIUM replica of front wheel axle bolt 18.7gm!

This bolt is very shiny and won’t tarnish like the original steel bolts will. They’re just over half the weight of the original part which is good for reducing unsprung weight.

PART NUMBER: 90305-ML7-000

Also part no: 90105-MBT-610

Also part no: 90305-KT8-000

This bolt fits the following bikes:

NSR250 MC28
1992 CBR600/GL1500
1992 CB750
1991 VFR750/ ST1100/NT650/CBR1000F
1995 CBR900/GL1500/ST1100/VFR750
2000CBR1100XX   /VT1100
2012CBR600RR   /FSC600

And loads more. Just type the part number in google and you’ll get a list of the bikes it fits on many sites.

Original steel bolt weight =32.7gm
Titanium bolt weight =18.7gm

It has a 22mm hex head and M14 x 1.5mm thread.
The bolt is 30mm wide.

Totally impervious to corrosion, Grade 5 titanium is also stronger and lighter than steel and Stainless steel. Rolled threads

Weight .13 kg
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 cm


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