M8 TITANIUM dome flange head nuts


There are 10 of these flange dome nuts on the RGV250SP cylinder heads
They’re half the weight of the original nuts and always stay bright and shiny.

fits 13mm spanner
10mm inside depth
Flange diameter is 16.7mm

Suzuki part equivalent 08313-21087
Superceeded by 08313-20087
honda part: 90443-107

I’ve had them on my bike for years.

CR250 (05-07)

The bike sits in a damp British garage and titanium nuts and bolts always look perfect and shiny.  They don’t pick up tiny rust spots like stainless fasteners do.

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
M8 flange dome nuts

1 nut, 2 nuts, 4 nuts, 6 nuts, 8 nuts, 10 nuts


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