Suzuki version of Stem tools. Stainless steel. CHEAPER than genuine tools!


Suzuki stainless steel version of stem tools
The official Suzuki parts are insanely expensive
and a pair of tools will cost about £160.  The original tools also rust.  The tools I bought in to replicate the dimensions have started rusting already.

This tool fits Steering stem nut part number: 51631-28000-000
4 pronged socket tool number: 09940-14911
Fits a 1/2″ socket from a torque wrench or ratchet

3 pronged tool number: 09940-14960

These work together to turn the lock rings with 6 slots

Works on these bikes:
DL1000, GSXR750, DR650SE, GSXR1000,

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Suzuki stem tools in Stainless Steel

Tool 09940-14911, Tool 09940-14960, Both Tools


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