Titanium caliper piston. Titanium Nitride coated. Part: 45117-MW0-006


Titanium caliper piston. Titanium Nitride coated. Part: 45117-MW0-006

The castellated contact edge is to allow airflow into the piston cavity as well as reducing the contact area with the pad and reducing the amount of heat going into the piston and heating the brake fluid.

Half the weight of the original part.  These pistons reduce Unsprung weight, giving your suspension a quicker reaction time to bumps

30mm diameter piston (approximate size as I don’t want rival companies knowing the true dimensions)
22mm deep

This part was made as a performance upgrade to the original steel part which corrodes and damages the seals causing the caliper to leak.
These pistons have a Titanium Nitride (TiN) coating which is harder than the metal beneath and will also reduce friction with the caliper seals.

The coating also gives a beautiful gold colour.  It’s a shame it’s hidden within the caliper

Titanium has an excellent property in that it’s a poor conductor of heat, so it’ll keep heat away from the brake fluid

Weight = 30gm

The OEM part is £27.32 to buy from a major dealer, so this Titanium upgrade is a bargain!

This part does NOT come with seals


This part is the big piston on front caliper for the MC21 part number: 45117-MR7-006

Weight .1 kg
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 cm


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