TITANIUM Honda fitting disc bolts


TITANIUM Honda fitting disc bolts

Half the weight of steel and corrosion proof

Part number 90105-MK5-010
Also part: 90105-KGH-900
Torque to 42NM 
I’ve tested these to 60NM and they didn’t snap so if like the a recent customer sends snapped ones back and the rest with damaged sockets saying they snapped at 42NM then that is not true.
They have been tested and were fine at 42NM
Always use a torque wrench when fastening bolts.
Titanium bolts snap when over tightened, steel ones won’t snap but will be severely weakened
Here’s a link to a video on the subject
All bolts made from Grade 5 (6Al/4V) titanium

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Ti disc bolts 90105-MK5-010

1 bolt, 2 bolts, 4 bolts, 6 bolts, 8 bolts, 10 bolts, 12 bolts, 14 bolts


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