Honda TITANIUM replica of rear wheel nut


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Honda TITANIUM replica of  rear wheel nut

This nut is very shiny and won’t tarnish like the original steel nut will. It’s just over half the weight of the original part and is good for reducing unsprung weight and revolving mass.

PART NUMBER: 90316-KV3-950
Also Part number:90316-MR8-000
Also Part number:90316-MR7-000

This bolt fits the following bikes:

NSR250 MC28
RVF400R  NC35
RVF750 RC45

Steel bolt weight =86gm
Titanium weight = 48gm

Reducing unsprung weight and revolving mass by 38gm

Totally impervious to corrosion, Grade 5 titanium is also stronger and lighter than steel and Stainless steel. Rolled threads

Weight .2 kg
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 2 cm


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