TITANIUM M10 x 1.25mm flanged nut. 5.5gm


TITANIUM  M10 x 1.25mm flanged nut

This sized bolt is used quite a lot on motorbikes as well as cars. As well as their light weight they’re ideal situated under cars exposed to the worst of road conditions because titanium is completely corrosion proof.

Titanium Grade 5 (6Al/4V)

Height of the nut is 10mm

Fits a 15mm socket

Weight = 5.5gm

Honda part number: 94050-10000

Honda part number: 94050-12000

This has been tested to 130NM and it didn’t break.  If you break it, then you’ve gone way beyond spec.

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
M10 flange nuts

1 nut, 2 nuts, 4 nuts, 6 nuts, 8 nuts, 10 nuts


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