TITANIUM Suzuki fitting swingarm nut


Fits part number 61214-40C31
It fits GSXR1000 up to 2004
GSXR1000 in 2005 uses part:6121442E10

This nut is a little over half the weight of the standard steel item and will look pretty much as shiny as a brand new steel part, but this will never tarnish, rust or fade.
An genuine Suzuki part costs £28 so this titanium nut is a bargain!

Totally impervious to corrosion, Grade 5 titanium is also stronger and lighter than steel and Stainless steel.

This nut fits

GSXR600  1997 onwards
GSXR750  2000 onwards
GSXR1000 2000 to 2004
RGV250  VJ22

Swinarm nut

Swingarm nut, swingarm nut + tool


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