TITANIUM Suzuki sprocket bolt


TITANIUM (grade 5) sprocket bolt

Part number: 09120-08010


RGV250  VJ22
RGV250 VJ23

These bolts bolt the rear sprocket to the rear wheel. They have an M8 x 1.25mm thread. They’re an exact replica of the original steel part but in Grade 5 titanium, so they won’t rust as strong and 40% lighter than the original part.

A 6mm allen key fits the head.

Standard bolt weight: 15.1grams

Titanium bolt weight: 8.5grams

weight saving:    6.6grammes

Six of these will save 40grams plus it’s revolving mass so helps the bike accelerate and stop faster.

If you’re buying the nuts with the 6 bolt set they’re also grade 5 titanium.

If you buy the 6 bolts and nuts the total weight is 79grams

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Sprocket bolts

1 bolt, 1 bolt + nut, 2 bolts, 2 bolts+nuts, 4 bolts, 4 bolts+nuts, 6 bolts, 6 bolts+nuts


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